Be smarter with your      business intelligence

Think you know SQL? Think again.

In this interactive webinar, Shad Reynolds and Dave Griffith from the Product Engineering team demo the easiest way to do advanced business SQL. 

Watch the webinar, and learn how to: 

  • Immediately analyze Excel, CSV, and JSON files with SQL (no standing up databases or complicated software) 
  • Access and query tens of thousands of open datasets right alongside your owned data 
  • Use sample query templates to get started quickly 
  • Publish and share queries for your team to replicate easily 
  • Integrate queries into Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, and more

watch the webinar recording

Shad Reynolds

Shad is a Director of Product Engineering at, overseeing file ingest, query, and product-science teams. Throughout his career he has focused on producing quality user experiences around data and community-centric products. Shad has a number of patents in data modeling and enterprise architecture. Most recently, he designed and built a top-rated meal planning mobile app which was acquired by Scripps Networks Interactive (parent company of Food Network).


Dave Griffith

Dave is a Senior Engineer at, responsible for back-end development on our file ingest and query functionality. Dave’s lifelong passion for computer languages lead him to design and develop’s SQL implementation, enabling tabular and graphical data to be queried via an industry-standard language. Dave has worked in software for over twenty years, working at companies like Trilogy, Indeed, and CNN, specializing in problems of enterprise scale and complexity.