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Create a shared view

Your teams, clients, and partners need reliable data to answer questions quickly and act with confidence. But if they can’t see the full scope of data available—and if they don’t know what others are already working on—resources are wasted repeating work that’s already done. collects data from across scattered and disconnected sources so everyone gets a unified, up-to-date view. The platform automatically captures data's context and how it relates to other data assets, so you can easily find the right data when you need it and synthesize it with data from any source.

Connect with the tools you know

Stakeholders who use tools that aren't compatible with yours can't make meaningful contributions and observations in time to matter. The communications gap leads to misaligned expectations, competing definitions, limited real-world applicability, and restricted agility.'s social features and integrations encourage collaborators to ask and answer questions, share discoveries, and coordinate closely while still using their preferred tools.

Help everyone contribute

From tacit knowledge to sophisticated analysis, each person you work with can bring something unique to data projects, regardless of technical skill. makes it easy for anyone to ask and answer questions, post insights, and share queries. When conversations take place right alongside the data, you create a referenceable, scalable resource that helps everyone pitch in to achieve, together.

What to expect

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See how helps everyone work together to achieve anything with data, faster.

  • Discussions provide a familiar, social space for your team to share knowledge, work through problems, and coordinate closely alongside the data.
  • Shared queries let even non-technical users get on-demand analysis with a single click.
  • Sophisticated permissions, auditing, and access control features make data safely accessible to trusted collaborators.
  • Activity feeds and alerts keep you in the loop on both progress and provenance.
  • Integrations with your favorite data and visualization tools replace barriers with deep connections between data, people, and impact.