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Answer client questions faster by keeping your work in “ready mode.”

To a consultant who works with data, the delay between a client’s question and your answer can seem like an eternity—especially when you can’t easily retrace your steps. automatically captures context as you work, so your clients can understand analysis as soon as you send it, and you can quickly and confidently answer follow-ups any time after that.

Jump back into the project, find the info you need in one place, rerun or tweak the analysis, and get back to your client fast.

Start closer to the finish line by building on what your colleagues have already done.

How much time have you wasted doing data work that someone else already did? It’s hard to know, and that’s the problem. makes it easy to find and reuse your team’s work, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

Ask them questions, adapt their queries, export in formats you know, and work in the tools you prefer. What will you do with the time you reclaim from redundancy?

What to Expect

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See how helps you deliver more mind-blowing insights to your clients, faster.

  • Foster collaboration in a shared space with all your client stakeholders, regardless of their data literacy levels
  • Easily, securely share data in context with your colleagues and clients.
  • Preserve your data work for future analysis
  • Integrate with your favorite data and visualization tools