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Check out a few of our most recent finds:

  • What’s on the menu?
    Changes in food consumption and taste preferences according to historical menu data
  • 2017 Tax Bill from the Joint Committee on Taxation
    The objective of the Joint Committee revenue estimation process is to produce accurate, consistent, and impartial estimates to help Congress make legislative decisions. This dataset extrapolates how 2017 tax cuts will impact different income brackets.

  • US Baby Names by State
    The data (name, year of birth, sex, state, and number) are from a 100 percent sample of Social Security card applications starting with 1910. National data is in another dataset.
  • Sacred text word counts
    Counts of words used in English-language translations of sacred texts, with an interactive frequency comparison visualization

  • Top tech companies comparison
    Visualization dashboard of pay versus experience, job satisfaction, and stress levels at top tech companies

  • Educator incomes in Massachusetts
    A decade of salary totals and number of teachers per district in Massachusetts

  • Trial and Terror
    This dataset pulls from Intercept's Trial and Terrorism database and is synced every day to the underlying GitHub repo. Dive in to explore this database's three lists of prosecutions and press releases from the U.S. Department of Justice and inmate data from the Bureau of Prisons.
  • Airport traffic
    Annual passenger traffic for 18 of America's busiest airports


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