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Scale distributed access with confidence

Ever share data or insights with colleagues, clients, or partners only to see it get stuck in inboxes, disconnected tools, or abandoned after one-off projects?

Quickly get trusted data into the hands of those who can use it: securely manage access across multiple teams and user types. Fine-grained permissioning, intuitive search, and activity alerts let the right people know as soon as new and updated resources and insights are available. And when everyone can see the context and work behind the data, they feel more comfortable using it.

Troy Thibodeaux

Editor, Interactive Newsroom Technology

Associated Press

“We thought if we could put this data into the hands of our members and customers, they could find stories in the data we’d never see.”

Make everyone smarter, faster

No two stakeholders are exactly alike. Skill, knowledge, and data literacy varies from person to person and team to team. Most data platforms are designed for a small subset of those who could benefit, which limits your data’s value to a tiny fraction of what is possible. creates a common place for everyone to ask questions, explore insights, and view the data you’ve shared. The platform automatically captures the context of data and insights, so more people can understand and use the data as soon as they get it. Plus, integrates into your existing workflows and the tools your teams, clients, and partners use today.

What to Expect

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See how gets data and insights where they need to be.

  • Sophisticated permissions, auditing, and access control features make data safely accessible to trusted collaborators.
  • Activity feeds and alerts keep you in the loop on both progress and provenance.
  • Integrations with your favorite data and visualization tools replace barriers with deep connections between data, people, and impact.