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Add data from anywhere

Getting data from different sources, cleaning it up, and starting analysis is a messy process. Whether it’s connecting to dozens of databases and disparate systems or unifying it into a single view, every hour you lose to data janitorial work is an hour you’re not finding answers in the data. makes this process much easier by allowing members to upload data and instantly transform it into a queryable format, automating data ingestion, and giving you a live, collaborative workspace to start analyzing sooner. Whether it’s from a data tool you know and love, a URL, or a file from your drive, our platform can quickly unify your disconnected datasets into something usable and collaborative.

Run faster through “the first mile”

Companies waste money when high-paid professionals spend too many hours finding, cleaning, integrating, and formatting data before the real analysis can begin. Each link in your toolchain adds another level of complexity to this process. doesn’t replace the tools you love. It makes it easier to get more out of them, without having to create a special data ingest process for every new data project. Plus, integrates into your existing workflows and the tools your teams, clients, and partners use today.

Make your data more connected, portable (and valuable)

Finding an understanding of your own data shouldn’t feel like searching for needles in a haystack. When your data is enriched with searchable context, you won’t be left wondering why it is the way it is. is built on a semantic graph database that makes it easier to connect your datasets to each other—and to external sources of data. It’s easy to connect your data from many different sources and automatically update it as often as you want. When your data and context are united on, it's easier to work with and mobilize the right stakeholders for the job.

What to Expect

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  • Begin your analysis faster when you connect disparate data sources in one collaborative workspace
  • Make data ingestion easier with automated syncing and simple format transformation
  • Make your data easier to find and work with by capturing its context.