How The Associated Press puts data journalism in the heart of local newsrooms


AP helps hundreds of journalists access stories that shape the world.

The Associated Press provides quick and reliable access to compelling content that's ready to be turned into local news stories. But getting data from those stories into the right hands in local newsrooms was no small task. 

With, AP found a way for data to move at the speed of news. Journalists from 300+ organizations instantly gain access to a user-friendly source of vetted, story-rich data that power local news. Everyone, from managing editors to data scientists, collaborates on stories in the same place, powering a more engaged, self-supporting network of AP customers. As a result, newsrooms can publish more of the trustworthy, data-backed stories their audience expects.

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Key results:

  • Doubled AP data production
  • More than doubled AP customer reach
  • Single point of contact to engage everyone touching data
  • Data becomes more valuable as people work with it
  • Consolidated, streamlined tech stack
  • Less time cleaning and managing data

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